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Non-Drug Therapies for ADHD - Anger management

Anger management

Impulsive children who are quick to anger can benefit from anger management training. The child is taught how to recognise the signs of their growing frustration and is given a range of coping skills designed to defuse their aggression. Relaxation techniques and stress management skills are also taught.

Social training

A child with ADHD is often unpopular with their peers because of their aggression and lack of social skills. Being bullied, ignored or teased by peers is a major contributor to the child's low self-esteem. Social training can teach the child how to interact with others in a proper and satisfying way. Strategies may include role playing. Some of the basic social skills the child may be taught include:

  • Different ways of starting a conversation
  • The importance of holding eye contact when speaking
  • Listening skills
  • How to play cooperatively with others.

Family counselling

For family counselling to be effective, everyone in the family needs to understand as much as possible about ADHD. It will help to read books and perhaps join support groups. The aim of family counselling is to help the other members of the household to understand and better cope with the child's behaviour. For example, the parents may be instructed on various management techniques (such as 'time out') and how to balance punishments and rewards. Communication skills and anger management techniques are also useful.

Dietary changes

There is little evidence to promote the theory that ADHD is caused or provoked by certain foods including food additives. Some studies have found that small numbers of children with ADHD may benefit slightly from dietary modifications, but experts don't recommend changes to diet as a routine part of therapy. Consult with your doctor or dietitian.

Alternative therapies

There are various alternative therapies that claim to help the child with ADHD. In many cases, the claims can't be substantiated. Some controversial and unproven alternative therapies for ADHD include:

  • Patterning - the theory that a child's development should happen in a certain sequence. A belief, for example, that ADHD has occurred because the child didn't crawl before they walked.
  • Treatment for allergies - ADHD is believed by some to be caused by allergies. Treatment options include homeopathic remedies and special diets.
  • Vision training - including eye exercises and tinted eyeglasses.
  • Vitamin supplements - typically, large doses of vitamins are recommended.

Things to remember

Combining medication with non-drug therapies ensures a high success rate. Non-drug therapies include behaviour modification, cognitive therapy, anger management, family counselling and social training. There is little evidence to promote the theory that ADHD is caused or provoked by certain foods, inclu...

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